COVID-19 has caused serious disruption to almost every SME in every market space. Indeed, most countries including the Philippines have already begun mandating that non-essential business should close their doors. While the term ‘non-essential’ may be true to others, it’s hardly a description you’re likely to use about the company you work for. For the foreseeable future, Telecommute or remote working is going to be the new normal. Telecommute is one type of Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) whereby you used technologies to perform work either from home or from a location near your home such as a library, coffee shop or co-working space. We understand that telecommuting brings new security risks and productivity challenges. Umbrella IT can help secure your data and infrastructure while ensuring reliable connections to maintain the employees’ productivity.

Who needs the service:

1. Start-up companies that wants to have a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) such as Work From Home (WFH) but don’t have an IT team to assist you with transition from conventional to remote working environment.

2. Business owners that wants to continue their operation during this pandemic but need to ensure the safety and well-fair of their employees as well as the productivity and security of their company data.

What we do:

We listen to all our client’s concerns and carefully examine their requirements. Then we evaluate their existing system and develop a tailored fit telecommuting solution in which we will implement as smooth as possible. Below are some of the services you can expect:

  • Secure your remote network to safeguard your business from Ransomware and other malicious activity.
  • Collaborate and communicate seamlessly, as though all your staff are in the same office.
  • Remotely access all files, desktops, servers and line of business applications.
  • Train your staff to securely and efficiently operate remotely.


Reduced Office Requirements

Giving your employees the freedom to work from home, you can enjoy the benefits of telecommute specifically. You can reduce the office costs by limiting space and furniture requirements, which is a good way of reducing overall costs. The extra space can be used for other organizational purposes. You can even rent the space to someone else. Telecommute will reduce your total cost of doing business by almost 30%.

Improved work-life balance

Relieve your workers of the stress of daily commutes to and from work. Doing so will lead to more working hours in a day.

Wider Pool of Talent

By embracing the flexible work arrangement such as telecommuting in your business, you can hire only the best and most talented employees without limiting yourself to geographical location.

Increased Productivity

employees tend to be more productive when they are working from home than when they are in an office setting. While working from home, employees concentrate more on their job as there are few interruptions. Moreover, working from home allows employees to work on a schedule that reflects their lifestyle. In the end, they can perform better than they would while working full time in an office.

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