Founded in year 2008 as a computer service company, Umbrella IT is one of the most trusted IT Service Provider in the Philippines that is based in Metro Manila. It serves hundreds of customers in the fields of manufacturing, construction, forwarding, real estate and non-profit organizations as well as other related fields. Our main goal is to continually provide you with the best IT solutions to help you improve your productivity and drive you to success. We also aim to deliver IT services that meet or even exceeds the customer’s expectations at the prices you can afford.

With our growing customer base, it proves that our continuous focus on technology innovation and very strong customer support will be your asset in growing your business and become the top in your industry. We make IT easy for you so you can concentrate more on what you do best – your business.


We create from scratch

A well-designed IT infrastructure is vital to the success of any modern business. Umbrella IT has assisted organizations of diverse sizes and structures in refining and modernizing their IT strategies for years. We create a unique, specialized blueprint for you that fits your brand’s identity after analyzing your business needs. Our technological systems are infallible and designed to withstand the test of time. Choosing the right IT Service Provider is critical to the lifespan of any business. Especially if you are a perfectionist who requires accurate, custom-made solutions, Umbrella IT is the right partner for you.

We bring your blueprint to life

Umbrella IT properly executes designed infrastructures. Our contractors are not newbies, and they possess years of experience in providing different IT services that your business requires. Therefore executing your project is not a problem for us. Our software engineers will effectively execute the outlined IT design and carefully lead you through this transformational process.

Also, we stick around for support

An effectively designed and implemented IT infrastructure requires expert management so that it does not crash easily. Umbrella IT is not your average IT service provider. We don’t just design and execute the system; we stick around to ensure that it is managed properly for longevity and security. Paying special attention to our customer’s IT growth and supporting their infrastructures is our forte. If you already have an implemented IT system but wish to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, Umbrella IT can take care of its management for you. We ensure consistent use and proper in-house management of your infrastructures, among other duties.


Our experienced and dedicated team provides these IT solutions with passion and perfect effort.