Our Managed IT service allows businesses to delegate their IT operations to us so we can take care of everything. We will be responsible for the entirety or a portion of a business’ IT systems, as agreed upon in Service Level Agreement (SLA). This will help you focus on your core business processes instead of being hindered by IT issues. We usually charge a flat monthly fee for the delivery of our services over a set period of time. The SLA defines exactly what services will be furnished and the degree we will be offered. It also defines the metrics for measuring the success of these services. Through having SLA, the customers will feel that all issues or service requests will be addressed at the right time and based on expectations.

Who needs Managed IT:

  • Start-up companies that don’t have the financial resources to put up their own IT team.
  • Growing established companies that may have temporary needs for certain IT services or computing/communicating capabilities.
  • Specializing businesses such as accounting firms, constructions and insurance agencies that need to focus on their line of business instead of devoting time to IT infrastructure.

What we do:

We Design, Build, and Manage IT infrastructure. We begin by listening to your concerns and carefully examine your requirement. After that, we evaluate your existing system. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your business and its systems, discuss your goals and expectations so we can carry out a complete audit of all your IT needs and variables, then identify any risks to develop a proactive, tailored fit Managed IT Service plan. Below are some of the services you can delegate to us so you can concentrate more on your business:

  • Proactive maintenance of IT assets.
  • Managed software licenses and updates.
  • Assisting in IT Procurement.
  • Implement a Business continuity plan by having a Backup in place.
  • Making sure that each and every device in the network is secured.
  • Continuous R&D to improve overall IT infrastructure.

Managed IT Benefits:

Predictable Cost

Managed IT service gives you the option to pay the same amount regardless of how much IT support you need each month. So you will know exactly what to budget and what service you will receive. It will make you more flexible when investing in other areas of your business. Keeping an eye on your costs will be simpler than ever.

Proactive Maintenance

You don’t have to worry whether software is up-to-date or if you have a backup! All of these are taken care of by our Team of experts. We can identify the problems before it happen, keeping your systems up and your problems down.

Team of IT Experts

Being able to outsource knowledge and expertise thru Managed IT service can be an enormous help. Getting a team who have the training, qualifications, certifications, and experience available at your disposal can help your business.

Procurement Assistance

Managed IT service give you access to all dealer-level prices on all brands being offered in the market today. Through Procurement Assistance Program, purchasing costs will be reduced drastically. You can also get access to newer technologies which you may not have been able to access by yourselves.

Other IT Solutions: